OWS: Inception Meeting

Date: September 11th to 14th, 2023, London, United Kingdom.

Our Inception Meeting week inaugurated the first of a series of crucial collaborative work sessions within the "On the Way to School" (OWS) project. Acknowledging its early stage, this event marked a significant milestone in our research journey.

During our intensive four-day Inception Meeting, we co-produced a comprehensive framework and work plan for the "On the Way to School" (OWS) project. This meeting provided a valuable space for collective reflection on ethical considerations, strategic planning for work packages, and establishing effective inter-institutional coordination.

Furthermore, we strategised and pooled our expertise to design an engaging Open Public Event that effectively showcases the project and its potential impact on a broad and diverse audience. This event aimed to generate enthusiasm and awareness about the OWS project and its significance. We had over 40 people attending our first face-to-face event and a luxurious panel and presenters.