OWS: Open Public Event

Date: September 13th, 2023, London, United Kingdom

Within the framework of our initial meeting, our first in-person public event was held to introduce the project to the community.

The event was separated into two moments; in the first instance, presentations were carried out within the framework of active travel mobility interventions, and later, we presented a luxury panel where relevant considerations for our research project were discussed.

It began with the project's initial presentation by our Principal Investigator, Associate Professor Daniel Oviedo (DPU, UCL). Continuing, Professor Olga Sarmiento from the Department of Epidemiology of the Universidad de los Andes presented the research carried out within the framework of active mobility interventions in the global south and the information collected regarding physical and mental health. Ximena Palma-Leal, a doctoral student at the University of Granada, gave a presentation on the Pedelea y Anda al COle (PACO) project, led by Professor Palma Chillón, a member of our Advisory Board. Finally, Julie Plichon, from Sustrans, concluded the presentation section by referring to interventions in public space and the importance of community participatory work.

In a second instance, a luxury panel was held to discuss elements to consider for implementing the pilot in Maputo, Mozambique. Moderated by Professor Julio D Dávila (DPU, UCL) and with the participation of Julie Plichon (Sustrans), Luisa Salinas, Coordinator of the Ciempies Safe Paths program of the District Ministry of Mobility; Miguel Prista, associate researcher at the OMT and creator of the Caminhando Maputo project; Julian Edbrooke-Childs, Head of Evaluation at the Anna Freud Center and OWS Co-Investigator of Work Package 2.

The event had the participation of more than 40 attendees and gave a first glimpse of the project's overview and expected outcomes. If you want to look further into what was discussed during the Open Public Event, you can access the following link to review the presentations.