Work Package 1 (WP1) focuses on evaluating the implementation of two AMTS interventions in Bogotá, Colombia, utilising the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research. It will involve an in-depth analysis of policy and regulatory documents, local and global press, social networks, publicly available databases, and existing reports. This comprehensive examination establishes conceptual and methodological approaches for comprehending AMTS policies and their implications.

By employing a logic model, WP1 will evaluate the impact of active mobility on mental health and well-being among 11- and 16-year-old students in selected schools. Surveys will be administered to gauge the perception of the two programs among both current beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries. Ultimately, WP1 strives to produce a comprehensive intervention description, complete a logic model, and enhance the understanding of active mobility policies implemented in Bogotá.


  1. To examine the appropriateness and acceptability, and
  2. to enhance the health service delivery of two existing AMTS interventions: "Al Colegio en Bici" (cycling) and "Ciempiés Caminos Seguros" (walking).


  1. Policy analysis through archival research and process tracing.
  2. Conducting semi-structured interviews with stakeholders and surveys involving users and non-users.


Policy outcomes

  • Identifying challenges, determinant factors, and key actors involved.

Implementation outcomes

  • Evaluating acceptability, appropriateness, implementation costs, coverage, and sustainability

Service outcomes

  • Assessing efficiency, safety, and effectiveness.