Work Package 3 (WP3) is focused on evaluating the feasibility of implementing active mobility and transport systems (AMTS) interventions to promote healthy lifestyle practices and enhance mental well-being within underserved urban communities in Maputo, Mozambique. The project will leverage the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research to tailor AMTS interventions and conduct a thorough situational and policy analysis specific to Maputo.

To establish a comprehensive understanding of the health conditions within the target population, WP3 will establish a baseline by assessing physical activity levels, dietary habits, body mass index, and mental well-being. Citizen science and mobile methods will be employed to delve into healthy lifestyle practices and mental well-being, particularly among adolescents. A pilot AMTS intervention will be initiated, focusing on a target group of 40 secondary school students.

The anticipated outcomes of WP3 encompass evaluating the acceptability and perception of the intervention among the target population. Additionally, WP3 aims to develop a robust protocol for potential scaling-up processes, ensuring that successful interventions can be effectively expanded to benefit a larger audience.


  1. The primary goal is to illustrate the challenges and potential involved in adapting active mobility to and from school interventions.
  2. Additionally, the aim is to assess the feasibility of piloting the implementation of these active mobility interventions to improve health outcomes in Maputo, Mozambique. The target population includes adolescents in underserved urban communities.


  1. Situational and policy analysis
  2. Conducting semi-structured interviews with stakeholders.
  3. Surveys involving potential users.
  4. Utilizing "Our Voice" citizen science methods with pilot beneficiaries.
  5. Conducting mobile semi-structured interviews.


Implementation outcomes

  • Assessing acceptability, adoption, appropriateness, fidelity, feasibility, and affordability.

Service outcomes

  • Evaluating efficiency, safety, and equity.

Client outcomes

  • Perception